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Teacher with Students

Teachers are a second line of defense in preventing substance use and abuse in children and teens. Teachers and parents can work together to make sure strong and consistent messages are taught concerning drug abuse. Educators are also able to identify children who may be at risk and work with their parents to prevent children and teens from going down an unhealthy path. 

SAMSHA's "Talk. They Hear You" Campaign has several useful resources for schools and educators. Click the link below to learn more. 

School and Educator Resources

School campaigns, events, and activities aimed at the education of harmful substances have proven to be affective at lowering the rates of teens using marijuana and other drugs. Encourage your school, faculty, and staff to participate in activities or become members of your local drug prevention coalition. 

If you are an educator looking for resources or ways you can learn more about substance use prevention, consider becoming a member of a local drug prevention coalition. Overton County Anti-Drug Coalition would love to have you become a member! Click the second link below to get information on our next coalition meeting or use the contact us form at the bottom of the page to reach out to one of our staff members. 

Connect with a Substance Use Prevention Coalition in Your Area

Overton County Anti-Drug Coalition Bi-Monthly Meetings

We encourage everyone to carry the lifesaving product Naloxone. You never know when you may need to save a life. If you would like to be trained in Reversing an Overdose contact our office at 931-823-3797 or click the link below to learn more. 

Naloxone Training Information

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